Bigshark – larger buttons on Grooveshark

GrooveShark is one of the web services which I’m using on daily basis. Actually, I have one computer which I use only to play music from my GrooveShark playlists, while I’m sitting on couch. But problem is when I want to skip or pause some song. I have to get up because I can’t hit those small controls buttons with wireless mouse from 2m range.


So, as every lazy developer, I’ve tried to make my life easier so I don’t have to move from my couch. That’s why I create this small Greasemonkey script which will show controls buttons over the whole screen. If you have similar problem you should install Bigshark.

First you gonna need Greasmonkey add-on for FireFox which can be found here.

After that visit this link which will add Bigshark script to you.

Then all you have to do is to start Bigshark script from Greasemonkey and visit If you did everything right you’ll see big blue button with “Big Shark” title at the top of the page. After you create your playlist just click on that button and enjoy in music.

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